Welcome to The Rideau Lakes Resort

Where the Magic of the Lakes Come to Life

We are pleased to announce that phase one of the newly renamed Rideau Lakes Resort will be open this summer. The resort has been a historical landmark (previously known as the Rideau Ferry Inn) for decades. Our only goal is to cater to discerning vacationers who have come to know the Rideau Lakes for its abundance of activities from boating and fishing to hiking and dining and of course it’s stunning natural beauty. The resort boasts a selection of accommodations from the simplest efficiency to one and two-bedroom cottages to an off-site five-bedroom private luxury residence. Later, we plan to reintroduce the turn-of-the-century Victorian home that gave birth to the former Rideau Ferry Inn along with a selection of exciting new cottages. The resort is ideally located at 8 Rideau Ferry Road, in the heart of the Rideau Lakes between Big Rideau and Lower Rideau Lakes.