Terms and Conditions

Rideau Lakes Resort Terms & Conditions


Guests (the lessee) will not exceed the maximum number of persons to occupy the premises. Should occupancy exceed the maximum permitted, Lessee may, at Lessor’s sole option, be required to immediately vacate the property without refund.  Lessee acknowledges that they have read the full description regarding what is and is not provided with the property. This includes amenities, maximum occupancy, as well as but not limited to water view and/or water access if applicable. For security and peace of mind, all guests must be registered at the office.  All vehicles parked on the property must be registered with the resort. Boat and utility trailers are not permitted to park on the property. Guests can make arrangements for boat launching and trailer storage with Rideau Ferry Marina located within walking distance from the property.


Rent:  Rental fees are subject to 13% HST and a cleaning fee of $75 is required for stays of less than two weeks. Payment schedule is as follows: A refundable deposit of 50% of the total reservation is due upon confirmation of the reservation. The reservation is not confirmed until receipt of this deposit.

The entire balance of rent, fees, and taxes must be paid no less than 5 days before the beginning of the rental period unless otherwise specified.

All rental amounts and taxes must be paid in full before occupancy.



Guests have 45 days prior to occupancy date to cancel a reservation in writing.  A full refund of any deposits made will be returned without penalty. Cancelations made less than 45 days prior to occupancy date will forfeit the deposit.

The property will be delivered in furnished condition and with utilities provided at no additional cost to Lessee.  Lessor warrants that the premises and all appliances, heating, plumbing and electrical systems are in proper working order and that the cost of any necessary repairs are the sole obligation of the Lessor, unless due to gross negligence of the Lessee.

Property will be cleaned and made available for occupancy at Lessee’s arrival date and time specified; however, housekeeping services are not provided during rental period.


Guest Obligations:

Guests shall use the premises for residential purposes only and agrees to keep premises in good repair, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

All guests agree to vacate the premises at the termination of the lease term and return key as directed.

guests agree to adhere to, and follow, the rules and regulations of the property as posted.

Guest are required to return the property to the “as found” condition: and, agree that any damages or extraordinary cleaning cost, will be the responsibility of the Lessee.

Guests agrees to permit the Lessor, and/or Agent, to enter the premises to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance, if notified in advance. Guests may peaceably hold and enjoy the premises without interruption during the Lease period.

Other:  No sublet is permitted. If the premises should be destroyed by fire, become uninhabitable, or be rendered un-rentable due to physical causes prior to or during the lease period (assuming no negligence on the part of the Lessee), prorated rent shall be returned to lessee.

No rent shall be returned or prorated for the following: lack of TV reception, internet, cable services or cell phone reception.


Occupancy limits:  Each type of accommodation has occupancy limits as follows:

  • Efficiency up to two guests
  • One-bedroom Cottages up to three guests
  • Two-bedroom cottages up to five guests
  • Five-bedroom luxury cottage up to ten guests

Please note that the guest limit does not necessarily indicate that there is a pull-out sofa in every livingroom.  Inquire about what sleeping accommodations you need, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Parking:  Every guest is issued one parking pass per rental agreement.  Trailers, haulers, etc. must be parked off-site. All vehicles on property must park in designated areas only to avoid damage to underground water systems such as weeping beds and water systems.  Please advise us in advance of check in if you need to arrange for extra parking.


Smoking: All cottages and public areas are Non-Smoking including decks, docks, pool, etc. The use of all narcotics is illegal. Failure to adhere to these important rules will result in immediate eviction with no refunds or proration of rent. Any damage caused by smoking is 100% the responsibility of the Tenant.


Check-In: is after 4:00 pm, Check-Out is before 11:00 am.  


Quiet Enjoyment: While we work hard to ensure QUIET USE AND ENJOYMENT, Rideau Lakes Resort does not guarantee quiet use or enjoyment of the property due to noise from other persons, construction, maintenance, road work, etc. that is beyond our control.  Please respect neighbors and others around the property – do not go onto other’s property. This policy includes pets and excessive barking. Quiet time should be observed after 10:00 PM – remember, if windows are open loud voices can travel.


Firepits: A community firepit is provided for guests.  Fire restrictions may apply and are managed by Rideau Lakes Township.  Firewood is provided by the guest and may be available for purchase.


Fireworks: Fireworks aren’t allowed on the property or to be used in any capacity on the property at any time unless authorized in writing.  Unauthorized use of fireworks is prohibited.


Septic Systems and Wells: Most properties are on private septic and wells and must be treated with care. Do not flush anything but toilet paper and do not run the water unnecessarily.  Our water is tested regularly and is generally found to be very good, however, if you are concerned about the quality of well water, you are advised to drink bottled water.

Pool, public beaches: Guests understand that the resort does not provide any lifesaving devices, lifeguards, etc. Use of these amenities are at guests’ own risk.


Docks: Guests recognize that the use of these facilities is at the guests’ own risk. If a boat is to be tied up to the dock, it is the guests’ responsibility to determine that the dock can handle the length and weight of boat and that depth of water at high and low levels is adequate for the draw of the boat.  Guests hold Property Owner harmless for any damage caused to the any vessel by use of these amenities. A boat launch is located close to the property at Rideau Ferry Yacht Club and the Rideau Ferry Conservation area.  Please check with them should you require launch, rental or repair services by calling 613-267-3512.


Pet Policy:  All pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly, pets are never allowed on the furniture or beds and no wet pets are allowed in the house. All pets must be leashed when outside. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.

Please consult individual towns for rules regarding dogs on the beach. You are responsible for researching this information as ordinances can change yearly. The pet policy is applicable to dogs only – cats or other pets are never allowed. Every pet (even a visiting pet) must be disclosed to Rideau Lakes Resort BEFORE your arrival. If you arrive with an unapproved pet, you may be declined occupancy with no return of deposited funds.  The resort reserves the right to restrict certain breeds of dogs.


Cleaning: check out: If an excessive amount of cleaning is required (more than 4 hours), the guest will be responsible for extra cleaning and laundry fees. To avoid this, we ask that guests, prior to check-out do the following: leave dishes cleaned and put away, pile towels neatly in the bathroom, remove leftovers from the refrigerator, take all trash to trash cans. All windows are to be closed and locked. Keys are to be returned to the office or dropped off in the key box


Maintenance: Problems in the cottage will be handled in a timely and professional manner but are subject to availability of repair people, etc.

Damages: Please report any damage caused during occupancy.  All associated costs will be the responsibility of the Tenant. .


Phones: Landlines are not provided.  Cell phone coverage is generally quite good however, cannot be guaranteed and can be affected by the elements such as fog or location (remoteness from cell service tower).


Cable TV:  All units are equipped with HD flat screen TVs with a limited number of channels provided.


Internet Service:  Free WIFI service is available in limited common areas of the property except for the Upper Rideau Lakes location, login information will be provided.  Please note that bandwidth is limited and not suitable for live streaming. No rent shall be returned or prorated for the following: lack of TV reception, internet or cell phone reception.


Business Center:  The resort is pleased to provide a small business center located in the office with access to a computer, printer/copier and internet service.  This is provided free of charge and is subject to availability.


I agree to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement